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Taking its name from the neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt, where it is located, Schutz American School was founded in 1924 as a boarding school for the children of American Presbyterian missionaries in Egypt. From the beginning, the school also admitted students of Presbyterian missionaries in the neighboring countries of Ethiopia and Sudan, and, on occasion, enrolled day students from other missions and children of American diplomatic and business families located in Alexandria.

The onset of World War II necessitated the relocation of the school to Assiut in Upper Egypt in 1940, and its temporary closure in 1942. As missionaries began to return to Egypt after the end of the war, Schutz School reopened in Assiut in 1946, and remained there until moving back to its original campus in Alexandria in 1956.

In the years following its reopening in Alexandria, Schutz School enrolled Presbyterian missionary families in Cameroon and opened enrollment to increasing numbers of children from the international communities in other parts of Africa and the Middle East.

The Six Day War in June of 1967 forced the closure of the school for a year. When it reopened in 1968, Schutz School entered into a new relationship under the joint auspices of the Presbyterian Church in the USA and Tarkio College, which sent faculty and college students to Schutz on an innovative year abroad program for student teachers. After ten years in this relationship, Schutz ended the relationship with Tarkio College and reconstituted itself as an independent international school, becoming fully accredited by U.S. educational agencies.

This site gives the visitor the opportunity to learn about experience of life at Schutz by the year, from its opening in 1924, until the fall of 1968. The information on this site is part of the research done by Alice Meloy and Charlotte Weaver-Gelzer, Schutz alumni, for a book on the experience of Schutz from the student point of view. This site will include summaries of each year, campus maps, building floor plans, photographs of Schutz, student lists, and faculty and administration lists.

Registered users may contribute memories of their time at Schutz by clicking on the Discussion tab at each page. Please email to request an account. In the email, please suggest a username you would like to use on this website.

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Schutz School Chronology

September 1924 School for Egypt UPNA Mission Children opens at Schutz in Alexandria, with 18 boarding students. Classes and dormitory located in one building. School opens with 2 teachers, and an Egypt Mission member in charge of operations. Schutz has grades 1-10, with an American college preparatory curriculum.
September 1924-May 1940 Schutz has 18-32 students a year, 2 or 3 American teachers, 1 or 2 local teachers, and a local resident as matron for the boarding department.
September 1940 Schutz moves to Assiut over summer of 1940, opening on the campus of Assiut College, a

UPNA Egypt Mission institution far removed from the bombing in the areas of Alexandria and Cairo. Boarders lived with Mission families at Assiut College. Classes were held in College and Mission residence buildings.

May 1942 Mission closes school; most missionary families leave the country.
May 1942-September 1946 School is not in operation.
September 1946 Schutz reopens in quarters at Assiut College with 9 students, 1 teacher/principal. Boarders live with Mission families.
1949-1950 Separate boarding department established under supervision of an American matron.
1954 Representatives of three UPNA Missions (Eqypt, Ethiopia, Sudan) decide to establish a jointly-administered school to

be called the Inter-Mission High School to be located in Alexandria at Schutz

September 1956 Schutz School opens in Alexandria as both high school and elementary school. 36 boarders, 8-10 day students, 5-6 teachers, matron hired from American Mission community in Egypt. Schutz has grades 1-12, with an American college preparatory curriculum.
October 30, 1956 Suez Canal Crisis: students and staff evacuated to Europe and Sudan.
April 1957 Schutz reopens. The school year is extended through end of June with 17 boarders, 21 day students.
1958 School begins admitting Mission children high school students from PCUSA Missions, specifically Cameroon. Other missions and non-mission students enrolled as both day and boarders.

Over the next 9 years, the boarding department grew to about 80, day students increased to about 75.

June 1967 School closes for one year as result of 6-Day War with Israel.
September 1968 Schutz reopens under joint administration with Tarkio College, Tarkio, Missouri. The College uses Schutz as an overseas study center, with a year abroad program. 25 boarders, 75 day students.
1978 Administrative arrangement with Tarkio College ends. Schutz is an independent international school with an American college preparatory curriculum.
1983 Schutz is accredited by Middle States Association.
1989-1990 Last year of boarding. 10 boarders.
1990-Present Schutz is an independent international day school with an American college preparatory curriculum.

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