Crusaders Youth Movement

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Crusaders was a missionary movement for youth, founded in England in 1906. Dr. Roland Campion, a British dentist who settled and worked in Alexandria, provided weekly Bible study and discussion for youth of the English speaking ex patriate community in the city. When Schutz opened in 1924, the high school boys were invited to attend. Lavish teas were served to all present by Mrs. Campion. Dr. Campion provided these Sunday afternoon Bible study classes through the beginning of World War II, and Schutz boys continued to take part with enthusiasm until Schutz moved to Assiut in 1941. The offering seems to have disappeared after World War II; when the school returned to Alexandria in 1956, Schutz students no longer attended any Christian youth movement events off campus. The Scripture Union Meeting was an organization of similar purpose and background, perhaps for girls. Schutz girls in the late 1920s and through the 1930s mention attending these gatherings at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Givens.