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CAC is a pre K-12th grade American high school located in Maadi, a suburb of Cairo. Established in 1945 for the growing American and English-speaking expatriates moving into Cairo, CAC began with desks and books borrowed from Schutz, and drew its early leadership from American business, diplomatic and service groups, including the Egypt Mission based in Cairo. Briefly considered an option for Egypt Mission and UPNA Mission students, CAC was never a boarding school, and for that reason, and for reasons of difference in life values and world view between the Presbyterians and the general American population of expatriates in Egypt, members of the Mission community in Egypt and Sudan (north and south) chose to reinvest in Schutz, located at the time in Assiut, where the school had moved during the height of the WWII bombing of Alexandria. In the decades following Schutz’s establishment as a K-12 school in Alexandria, CAC was Schutz’s main rival in sports.