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Founded by the Egypt Mission as a men's training school in the early 1870s, Assiut College became a full secondary school in 1890, located in the city of Assiut. In 1904, property was bought for a campus west of the city. Even while under construction at the turn of the century, the College provided education for men, Muslim as well as Protestant. An agricultural extension of the College was opened in the 1930s, focused primarily on developing improved strains of dairy cattle.

The Egypt Mission station of Assiut was the largest in both property and missionary population, combining staff for the College, the Assiut Hospital and the Pressly Memorial Institute.

In 1940, Schutz students and staff evacuated from Alexandria to Assiut as the Italian bombing of the city came close to the campus. Schutz School occupied one residential building on Assiut Campus, including classrooms, boarding facilities and teachers' residences. While in Assiut, Schutz closed when Egypt became a center of WWII fighting and the members of the Egypt Mission were evacuated from the entire country.

In 1946, the Schutz School reopened in Assiut, and remained located on the campus of Assiut College until 1956, when the school moved back to Alexandria.