Tanta Hospital

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Also the American Mission Hospital in Tanta. The Egypt Mission established a teaching hospital in the Upper Egypt city of Assiut in the 1860s. The Mission opened a women's hospital in the Delta city of Tanta in 1890, under the direction of Dr. Anna Y. Thompson. The women's hospital became a general hospital in 1913. Known as The American Mission Hospital, Tanta, it closed during World War I, and re-opened in 1919 with the addition of a nursing school. The Tanta Hospital laboratory not only served the patients there, but also served the Mission-run medical clinics in Delta towns around Tanta. A good many Schutz boarders had been born in Tanta Hospital, or came to Schutz from Tanta, where their parents worked in medical practice, in the nursing school at the hospital, and in hospital chaplaincy. Schutz boarders whose illnesses exceeded the abilities of Schutz staff to treat, were taken to Tanta Hospital, although in emergencies, the boarders were taken to the Anglo Swiss Hospital in Alexandria.