Children's Special Service Mission

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Children’s Special Service Mission, also called CSSM, was an organization founded in 1867 by a British group intent on developing a program with a Christian message for children, exclusive of any doctrinal formation promoted by traditional means of clergy teaching the children of a given parish. The CSSM program offered children informal worship services and guided study of Scripture. In Alexandria, CSSM classes were divided into a program for boys, called the Crusaders, led by Dr. Campion, a British dentist serving the English speaking community of Alexandria, and a Sabbath afternoon program of Bible study, music and a sumptuous tea for girls, called CSSM or Scripture Union Meeting, offered by a Mrs. Givens, whose house in Alexandria had beautiful gardens that Schutz girls enjoyed almost as much as the teas. Schutz students participated in both of these programs in Alexandria from 1924 through 1940.