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When the Egypt Mission began work in a city like Alexandria or Cairo, they bought a building in which to center their staff and some of the services offered; they also wanted space for a sanctuary. They didn't think it necessary to build a church or a school, aware from the start that they would attract enough to fill modest spaces inside a larger structure. The Egypt Mission seemed to have the practice of buying a building in whatever city it was locating a station at the start of an endeavor in that place. Then they got into the habit of calling the station or their building by the street the building was on.

The Attarine Building was the Egypt Mission's main location in the city of Alexandria. It is a three-storey building which today is listed as the Attarine Evangelical Church in Alexandria. In the 1920s and through the 1960s, the Attarine Building housed the church, the Commercial School, the Attarine Club and, on the second floor, the offices for the school, the Delta Region schools supervision and the General Treasurer of the Egypt Mission. The third floor of the Attarine Building housed the Mission personnel who taught, supervised or managed Mission schools and business, especially the transportation of Mission members and baggage arriving at, or departing from the Alexandria Ports. Many of those adults who came out to Schutz on Saturdays to play tennis in the 1920s and 1930's, lived in one of the flats in the Attarine Building. In the late 1950s, at least one family lived downtown and sent their children to Schutz as day students, in the 1960s. The Schutz school bus would arrive outside on Attarine Street at 6 a.m. to pick up Schutz students before proceeding to other pre-arranged day student stops in the city. In the 1920s, the daughters of Roswell Caldwell, Mission Treasurer, boarded at Schutz during the week and (reluctantly, by their account) came home to the Attarine Building on the weekends. The Caldwells sometimes offered overnight accomodations to Schutz teachers on their weekends off from boarding department duty. That way, the teachers could easily and conveniently take advantage of social engagements in the city.