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The Egypt Mission governed itself and administered its work in Egypt by entering into covenant together in an Association. The Egypt Mission Association functioned with a constitution, elected leadership, committees chrged wuth responsibility for the full range of Mission educational and medical institutions. The Egypt Mission Association's budget was largely syupplied by donations from the American UPNA congregations, designated to the UPNA Board of Foreign Missions. The Egypt Mission Association was a legal entity, empowered to buy and sell property in the country. The semi-annual meetings lasted apprpoximately a week, and every standing committee provided a detailed report, which was typed up with the others,printed and bound in Egypt, forming a volume for the year. Every station received a volume of that year's Minutes. The Board of Foreign Missions in Philadelphia was sent the completed minutes twice, once shortly after the Minutes were produced, and again at the end of the Summer Meeting, in the printed and bound volume. These Miniutes, along with all correspondence, can be accessed at the Presbyterian Historical Society.

The Association provided the members of the Egypt Mission with a strong communal context of fellowship and shared concerns that suppored their mutual efforts in the Mission's work. The Association met twice a year to determine direction and make decisions on matters of staffing, policy and development. Committees and subcomittees met throughout the year and at Association Meetings, reported, made resolutions, submitted overtures for discussion and vote in the Association plenary sessions. Voting privileges were accorded to career missionaries only, men and women alike. All members of the Egypt Mission, including short termers (who came out to the field for a limited amount of time, usually three years), had voice on the floor during debate. All missionaries, short term and career, men and women, served on one or more of the constituent committees of the Association, such as Nominating, Property, Education, Medical, and Budget. The Schutz School Committee was a constituent committee of the Egypt Mission Association.

The Association Meeting lasted approximately 7 days, with time made for daily worship, study, fellowship, sports (usually tennis, and in the summer, desert golf) and dramatic entertainment. Winter Association was held in January at Assiut College. Summer Association was held at the Mission vacation camp of Sidi Bishr, a mile northeast of the Schutz compound.