1964-1965 Faculty List

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Faculty and Administration 1964-1965

  • Linda Allen, 3rd & 4th grades
  • Christian Ayoub, HS French
  • Antoine Cordahi, HS French, Choir
  • Gladys Fox, Grade School Math, Biology, Earth Science, Home Economics
  • Paul Fox, 9th Grade Algebra, 8th Grade Math, Physics, Mechanical Drawing, Shop
  • Ahmed Aboul Ela, HS Arabic
  • Ragaa Hassan, Jr High and High School Arabic
  • Roy Hendrick, Grade School & Jr High Math, Campus Construction Supervisor
  • Viola Hedrick, Kindergarten, Typing
  • Ruth Holmes, English 9th, English 7th, Typing
  • Paul Bobb, Chaplain
  • Mrs. Bobb, Grade School Bible
  • Mary Anna Bode, HS English, Typing, Research
  • Sybil Brooks, Art
  • Patricia Carlson, 5th & 6th Grades
  • Mrs Ghanem, Librarian
  • Nicolas Pastides, Geometry, Algebra II Calculus
  • Mrs. Russel, English, Speech, Jr High Chorus
  • Madeline Walsh, 1st & 2nd Grades
  • Sam Williams, Chemistry, Science, Sports Coach
  • Mary Lou Meloy, Director of Boarding and Food Services
  • Iris Rosati, Piano
  • Martha Adair, Housemother
  • Bill Adair, Grade School Math, Housefather
  • George Meloy, Principal, Arab History